Nike Air Max 2017 Vs Adidas Ultra Boost Review

Nike and Adidas are the two most prominent shoemakers in the world. Their products can be seen in various global shoes stores.  Nike has the Air Max 2017 as the favorite product, while Adidas has the Ultra Boost brand. The review of both sport running shoes will help the prospective buyers to decide the best shoes according to their personal taste and need. The first launch of Nike Air Max took place on 7th November 2016. The retail price and colors will be available soon.

Review Of Nike Air Max 2017

Nike always sells the comfortable and exclusive running shoes in the market.  That is why; the manufacturer retains their vital place among the customers. Their products are favorable in term of quality, design, and model. The New Air Max 2017 has better quality than the previous model. The shock is well absorbed when you are running due to the presence of the Nike cushioning technology. The shoes are not only good for running shoes. Some people also wear them as casual footwear and all daywear shoes.

Nike Air Max 2017 Black

Nike Air Max 2017 Black

Even though you have used them on the road to walk or run, it only has a little sign of wear.  You will look fashionable since it comes in a number of color combinations. However, Nike Air Max 2017 also has some drawbacks. Some people think that the pair is too expensive for it is sold at $190. Compared to the 2016, the shoes are narrower and smaller.

Review Of Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost is favorable among the customers because the design looks good for casual and running use. Some also use them for gym shoes. The lightweight design keeps the comfort when using the shoes for a long period. The long running session will not be bothered if you always feel comfortable with the shoes. The responsive underfoot cushioning is available. It is supported by the energy returning boost technology, which has been the signature of Adidas.

Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost

Once you put your feet inside the Adidas Ultra Boost, they will be kept on place. The shoes have the external heel counter, which prevents the feet exiting from the shoes accidentally. It also has great durability. Even though Adidas shoes are great, they still have some drawbacks related to the fit size. Some believe that it is too narrow and small. Moreover, the nubs located under the sole are prone to tear and wear. Talking about the price, Adidas Ultra Boost is not cheap.

Bottom Line Of Nike Air Max 2017 Vs Adidas Ultra Boost

Nike Air Max 2017 and Adidas Ultra Boost are two great shoes for the avid runners. They have the superior comfort, high quality design and fabulous model. It is hard for the people to own a pair of them due to the expensive price. However, both of them can be a good investment in the future due to amazing durability.


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